How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Are you considering whitening your teeth to improve your smile? Sure, you can choose from a slew of over-the-counter, DIY whitening kits. But the results can’t hold a candle to the teeth whitening treatments you get at Marina Landing Dentistry in
Alameda, California. Here’s why.

Why office whitening is best

A strong bleach is the key to dental office whitening treatments. Powerful chemistry is needed to strip away years of tooth enamel stains. Luckily, your teeth are tough and can take whitening treatments in stride. Your gums, on the other hand, are
more delicate.

Consumer kits use diluted bleach to avoid user error that could harm gums and teeth. Even a few minutes of over-bleaching could cause damage.

In the hands of trained professionals like Dr. Asmita Dhariam, you can often achieve whiteness brighter than the original color of your teeth before years of coffee, tea, and red wine stained the enamel. If you want maximum brightness, dental
office whitening is the way to go.

How to extend the white

Dr. Dhariam’s whitening treatments will amp up your smile. But the big challenge is keeping your teeth white. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the effects of your professional teeth whitening treatment.

Change your habits

Some foods are notorious tooth stainers. Coffee, tea, red wine, soda, blueberries, and blackberries are perhaps the worst offenders.

You don’t have to give up the foods you love to keep your smile bright. But, you could change your routine to include rinsing or brushing after eating or drinking things that stain your teeth. 

Cigarettes also dull your teeth’s whiteness. And if you’re looking for more reasons to quit smoking, add maintaining your newly white smile to the list.

Maintain a healthy dental routine

You’ve spent time and money to brighten your smile. Now is not the time to get lazy about oral hygiene. Keep brushing and flossing and keeping regular dental appointments. These habits are more important to dental health than whitening. In fact,
tooth decay or gum disease may prevent you from having your teeth whitened.

Post-treatment care

Post-treatment care is available to keep your smile white and bright. Whitening toothpaste is better at maintaining brightness than creating it, so use it for daily brushing.

Also, Dr. Dhariam can recommend home whitening systems with custom dental trays that will extend your results.

Are you interested in having a professional teeth whitening treatment? Contact Marina Landing Dentistry to discuss the best way to get and keep a bright smile. Call 510-210-5492, or use our online scheduling tool.

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