Composite Fillings Excel in Form and Function

Just a few decades ago, needing a dental filling typically meant flashing a bit of silver every time you opened your mouth to speak, laugh, or eat. Metallic (also known as amalgam) fillings were once the norm, but like the rest of dentistry,
dental fillings have come a long way. You can now have a cavity treated without sacrificing your smile thanks to composite fillings.  

At Marina Landing Family Dentistry, our dentist Dr. Asmita Dharia offers several cosmetic and general dentistry services in the Bay Area from our office in Alameda, California.

Style and function: the benefits of composite dental fillings

According to data from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, up to 92% of American adults have at least one cavity. That
means that even your friend, co-worker, neighbor, or family member with “perfect teeth” has probably at least one (and maybe more) dental filling. 

The difference is the revolutionary composite (also referred to as tooth or enamel colored) fillings. One of the major benefits of composite resin fillings is that they’re clear or tooth-colored, so they’re a discreet alternative to amalgam
fillings. However, the cosmetic benefits of clear fillings are only the beginning. In addition to filling a cavity, composite fillings also help to fortify and
strengthen the tooth after treatment.

Other benefits of composite fillings include:

Less drilling required

Depending on the degree and severity of the decay, a tooth treated with a composite filling may require less drilling than with a traditional amalgam filling. Less drilling means a stronger and more stable tooth that will be less prone to future
cracks and fracturing. Composite fillings are also bonded directly to the tooth, which also helps to strengthen and support the tooth from pressure and trauma. 

Replace old silver fillings

Many adults have old amalgam fillings from childhood. If you’d like to upgrade your dental restorations and replace your old metallic fillings, composite fillings are a great way to refresh old fillings and get a more natural-looking smile. 

Fix chips and cracks

Composite resin materials can also be used to fix chips and cracks on front or back teeth, making them one of the most versatile restorations available for some of the most common dental problems.

Most people will experience tooth decay at some point in time. For more information about composite dental fillings and other cosmetic and restorative dentistry options available, contact Marina Landing Family Dentistry today to schedule an
appointment with Dr. Dharia. 

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