Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Sporting braces seem to be a rite of passage for most teens, but have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about regarding straight, well-aligned teeth? Turns out that it’s quite important for your teeth to properly line up, no matter what your age.

Many think that misalignment — or malocclusion — is more of a cosmetic issue, but the way your teeth meet and fit together when your mouth is closed or when you chew or speak is quite important and impacts more than just your smile. 

Alignment issues are problems that Dr. Amita Dharia regularly addresses. Your mouth is yours and yours alone, and she treats you accordingly. Dr. Dharia’s stellar training, holistic treatment philosophy, and innate compassion have made her one of the most respected and sought-after dentists in the Bay area.

How can I tell if my teeth are misaligned?

Your alignment issue may be visible to you if your teeth seem crowded, if you have an overbite or underbite, or if your mouth doesn’t quite close completely. You might also just feel as if your teeth don’t correctly rest against each other. 

Symptoms of misaligned teeth include:

The longer you live with misaligned teeth, the more your health is compromised, and we don’t just mean your dental health.

What problems will I encounter if I don’t remedy my misaligned teeth?

Unfortunately, ignoring your alignment problems for too long will likely lead to trouble and discomfort. The problems caused by misalignment are directly related to some of the symptoms we mentioned earlier:

Aside from these physical health problems, it’s hard to underestimate the negative effect that crooked teeth have on your confidence. We know that if you don’t feel confident about your smile, which is a central facial feature, your social life and professional advancement may be stunted. 

What options exist to correct my alignment issues?

Fortunately, Dr. Dharia has an advanced treatment toolbox at her fingertips, and she’ll take your individual condition, as well as its severity, into consideration as she devises your treatment plan. She may:

Rest assured that Dr. Dharia is just as focused on listening attentively to you as she is on providing expert counsel and care. 

Should I consider an evaluation for misalignment?

The Marina Landing Dentistry team believes your dental needs are paramount, and Dr. Dharia considers you a collaborator in reaching your dental goals. We encourage you to be evaluated if you have concerns about malocclusion.

Contact our office at 510-210-5492, or book a consultation appointment online. We’ll straighten everything out when it comes to your smile and make sure it —and you — stay healthy.

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